Just a few follow up notes.

I enjoyed my visit to your club and hope that some members got inspired to try something different after seeing what I do in the studio.

Here are few things I have mentioned during my talk that may be of interest to some of your club members.
First of all, the - studio light I use manufactured by Bowens. They do not do the exact model of flashes I am using anymore. This range was very successful, and they kept improving it. The closest to what I have is something between Gemini Classic500 and Gemini 500Pro. Unfortunately, Bowens stopped production. If you need advice which studio lights to purchase I would recommend articles on WEX official website and getting in touch with their support team.

Good budget option for continuous light:


The software I use for remote shooting and for focus stacking called Helicon and it exists in few packages - I have Helicon remote which I use for remote shooting and Helicon focus which I use for focus stacking.

Here is official web site with lots of demo footage and easy to get a trial versions of software:


I also covered Lensbaby family of optics, that I use to create Impressionist like images. It is type of tilt and shift lens, I have Lensbaby Composer Pro with four different optics: Sweet 35, Sweet 50, Edge 35, Edge 50 and Edge 80. I also have Velvet 56, which is stand-alone Lensbaby model and it creates a "glow" effect. The general-purpose walk about options for your first Lensbaby would be Sol 42 which I like taking with me on travels and Trio28. The official website has got lots of demos and other information about this system:


I was interviewed for Lensbaby blog and the article could be found here:


I also did a fewature on using Lensbaby OMNI filters with in-camera double exposure:


The paper I use to print my images is Pinnacle brand, I usually buy it from PaperSpectrum:


I like using two types - Cotton Rag for matt prints and Luster for slightly glossy, pearl effect.

Occasionally I use Permajet brand - Portrait White, which is also matt, slightly textured paper.

Most of my backgrounds (fabric ones, not digital) come from either B&H :

or from WEX:

Clamps to support flowers in front of the camera called Wimberley The Plamp II :


I prefer Lastolite brand - reversible collapsible backgrounds.

Readymade medium size background boards I use for teaching purposes are produced and sold by Photo Boards company:


Any local art shop is usually a good source of backgrounds; I usually buy art paper popular for arts and crafts. You can photograph it separately and use it as an added layer in Photoshop achieving various effects by changing the opacity and blending mode.

I use pre-cut mounts from Cotswoldmounts - very reliable service with reasonable prices:


Hope it helps and those who were inspired by my approach to still life and flower photography will find these links useful.

Names of the artists and photographers who’s work influenced me:

Jan van Huysum (1682 – 1749)
Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s (1759-1840)
Lilian Snelling (1879–1972)
Georgia O'Keeffe (1887 – 1986)
Robert Mapplethorpe (1946 - 1989)
Ron Van Dongen (1964 - )

Willem Claesz. Heda (1594-1680)
Francisco de Zurbarab (1598-1664)
Mary Stevenson Cassatt (1844-1926)
Rene Francois Ghislain Margitte (1898-1967)
Soren Emil Carlsen (1853-1932)

Hope it helps and those who were inspired by my approach to still life and flower photography will find these links useful.

For those who want to learn advanced creative techniques I teach Creative Flower and Still Life studio photography workshops at DSLR Photography courses (at Wimbledon Art Studios) and do one2one Flowers and Still Life tuition at the same venue:


I also run Introduction into Creative Flower Photography and Intermediate Creative Flower Photography workshops at Amersham studios in collaboration with RPS:

Photography Education – Reimagined

I regularly update my official website:


And here is my Facebook and Instagram accounts:



Please do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Polina Plotnikova, ARPS EFIAP

Kind regards,